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Youth Sports

Tired of the same old fundraisers? Photos of your favorite player collecting digital dust? Make My Books offers a unique and profitable fundraising opportunity for your volunteers, parents and kids…while giving your organization flexibility with two programs to choose from.

Make My Books provides all the necessary promotional materials for distribution to your parents and volunteers…including an email blast and a promotional code that lasts for ONE YEAR! Make My Books provides all of the necessary promotional materials, order forms, etc along with a club account with your own promotional code.
Parents and volunteers visit www.make-my-books.com, enter the promotional code, and create their very own personalized keepsake photobook or cookbook. Create a custom “yearbook” with volunteers, photographers, parents, etc. contributing logos, photos, team records and/or acknowledgements to the organization the MemoryBook. Friends and family all over the country can contribute to your organization for an entire year! All they need is the promotional code! Now THAT’S different! Volunteers design the MemoryBook on www.make-my-books.com and order the exact number needed! Make My Books delivers 35% of each book sold to your organization! Make My Books delivers 40% of each book sold to your organization!

Contact us today for more information about the Make My Books Youth Sports fundraising options!