Looking for new and unique fundraising ideas?

We’ve got just that. And what’s better, these unique fundraising ideas
will last long after the popcorn is stale.

No more candy, coupon books, and popcorn. Say goodbye to car washes and bake sales. Instead, you can fundraise by creating custom photo books and cookbooks for schools, churches, PTO/PTAs, high school booster clubs, youth sports teams, and more. Create memories to last a lifetime while fundraising to benefit your organization.

Check out how our unique fundraisers compare with typical fundraisers:

Percentage earned Amount sold Total Retail Sale Funds Raised
Candy 12.50% 4,500 $4,500 $563
Coupon Bonus Books 50%
Popcorn 40% 50 $1,500 $600
Keepsake Create Photo Book Program 35% 50 $1,497
Memory Book Photo Book Program 40% 50 $1,497 $599
Cookbook Program 40% 50 $1,497 $599